Nick Jett is an enthusiastic producer with great people skills.  He is a third generation drummer with his roots being in Memphis, Tennessee.  Like his father and his father’s father, he starting playing music at an early age.  Nick has been playing and writing music since age 12.  Although drums is his primary instrument, Nick is also versed in guitar and bass; and he sings too.  These talents give Nick the ability to coach the bands he produces as well as provide assistance on guitar riffs, drum patterns and vocals.

Nick was first introduced to the LA Hardcore Scene while still in high school performing in LA Night Clubs like the Whiskey and Roxy.  While still a teenager, Nick recorded many local Southern California bands.  At age 19 years old, Nick and Scott Vogel formed Terror, a well know LA Hardcore Band that is still touring worldwide.  Very early on, Nick starting writing for the band.  For many years now, Nick has been the main song writer for Terror and has been a big influence in the studio.

Being in Terror, Nick has had the opportunity to travel the world many times over.  In his travels, he has developed relationships with musicians, engineers, producers, record label executives and artist managers.  Along the way, Nick connected world renowned producer, Matt Hyde and, started assisting Matt on various projects.  For the past few years, Nick and Matt have co-produced many records.

Nick has now built a substantial discography of successful records where he has shown his diverse ability to produce various genre of music.  The artists that Nick has produced are not only from different genres they also come from various parts of the World including Australia, Germany, Brazil and various states in the US.